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Over 200 oil paintings paintings and works of art available at the Cedar Grove Estate, a selection of these may be viewed online by clicking the photo of interest.

If you are interested in items here, please make a reference to the description or Photo number when you contact us.

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Item: 008 Item: 053 Item: 073
Faux stone Lion head wall bracket Country French baroque mirror Gild finish mirror
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Item: 096 Item: 117 Item: 168
Art print of Amorphopallus Plants Ruby crystal brandy decanter Crystal vase on footed base
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Item: 645 Item: 290 Item: 651
Print of Palm tree cluster Oil painting of mountain scenery Painting of "Scotty" the dog
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Item: 652 Item: 656 Item: 391
Painting of Wildflowers by River Painting of Cattle grazing in stream Toast at dinner table
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Item: 1122 Item: 118 Item: 121
Pair of brass andirons Painting of Puppy Selection of painting
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Item: 927 Item: 128 Item: 926
Paint of girl in blue dress Painting of the seaside Children at play
Item: 122

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