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A selection of furniture available at the Cedar Grove Estate may be viewed online by clicking the photo of interest.s

If you are interested in items here, please make a reference to the description or Photo number when you contact us.

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Item: 004 Item: 061 Item: 127
Russian Empire center table Georgian style loveseat Pair of sofa's
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Item: 136 Item: 920 Item: 921
Various Items Mahogany table and 5 chairs Pine bed
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Item: 126 Item: 195 Item: 221
Various Items Pair of faux bronze buffet candlestick lamps Gothic open styled bookcase
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Item: 378 Item: 488 Item: 109
4 shelf bookcase Antique walnut chest Petite Candlestick lamp
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Item: 489 Item: 489a Item: 490
Marble top console table Reproduction walnut linen press Marble top console table
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Item: 490a Item: 491 Item: 492
Pair of gilt sofa's Reproduction of side table Reproduction armoire
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Item: 493 Item: 494 Item: 495
Victorian fitted mahogany wardrobe Good quality Regency side cabinet Sheet music cabinet

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